Xbox One – Why I’m returning mine

There is enough information that has already been published about the technical specs of the Xbox One and how it compares to the PS4. Unfortunately, I cannot compare the two, as I don’t own a PS4. Yet. This is a short article explaining the mega fails of the new Xbox One. These ‘fails’ have been […]

Amazon Knowingly Allowing Counterfeit Dealers to Trade

I recently had the misfortune of seeing what Amazon really thinks about preserving the integrity of it’s marketplace ecosystem. Amazons bias leans strongly on the customer side, and their ‘no questions ever‘ policy of refunds is comforting. However, what isn’t protected or apparently enforced is the legitimacy of the goods being sold on Amazon. I’m […]

30 Days in “Hell” with a Samsung S4: Review

For a while I’ve wanted to do a “30 day challenge”, where you do something completely different for a month. I spent about six months trying to find something to do when eventually fate intervened when 4G Internet became available. This meant I would get a new mobile phone, and this time it would not […]

Leap Motion Controller Review

My Leap Motion Controller arrived today from Amazon which I’d been greatly looking forward to. This is because the ancient computer mouse is, well, ancient and being a techno-gadget-addict I couldn’t wait for the the second coming of computer control. My ‘second coming’ was likely like most Christian peoples ‘second coming’. Disappointing. My huge excitement […]

Forrester Reports: Unreliable and Untrustworthy

I’ve just finished reading a Forrester Report by Shar VanBoskirk’s titled: “The Forrester Wave™: Bid Management Software Providers, Q4 2012” and was extremely surprised by its biased and low quality content. It’s not the first time I’ve seen what I would describe as “a low quality report” from Forrester. However, this is the worst perceived […]

Abuse Of Amazons TOS – Companies Continuing To Sell Prohibited Items Without Fear Of Reprisal

It is no coincidence that list ‘Stolen Property & Lock Picking Devices’ on their ‘Restricted Products’ page. The free-for-all sale of lock picking devices is certainly more something we associate with the darker side of the Internet and it’s hard to imagine them being used for much more than, well, picking locks. They go […]

HDNL Home Delivery Network – Reckless and Lazy

I live in Oxford (Waterways) and use Amazon almost daily for various reasons. Recently I’ve had half dozen deliveries left just inside my block of apartments or outside where anyone walking past could just pickup the box and walk off. The worst part of this debacle is that I HAVE BEEN around to receive the deliveries on EVERY […]