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It’s a common senario to signup to a website and then unsubscribe after your purchase or when you don’t require the service any longer…What’s less common is when companies completely ignore unsubscribe requests. Especially large ones like which belongs to Google inc. In a nutshell — I signed up to prizes, paid $200 and […]

Boycott GoDaddy |

GoDaddy “supported” SOPA until they started to lose customers; It will come as no surprise that have stopped supporting the bill in order to stem the hemorrhage of  domain transfers to other registrars. What makes GoDaddy look even worse is how they have turned on a dime in terms of what they were standing for. While one may not […]

Bernie Ecclestone – in Translation

Recently and with Honda like reliability, every time I open a should-have-been-dead-a-long-time-ago-newspaper there happens to be a business interview with some nobody ambiguous business-man. These interviews seem to follow the same old repertoire of banal questions and answers. Modern newspaper journalists can’t seem to get enough of interviewing small-time businessmen that haven’t quite ‘made it’ […] – Can You Crack It? Um Yes.

Silly little quiz put out by MI5 – I wouldn’t bother wasting 30 mins solving the puzzle, the results are disappointing as it simply links you through to another page where you can apply for a job that’s in the public domain anyway. Here is answer: Pr0t3ct!on#cyber_security@12*12.2011+ <—- Quiz Link [ viagra free trial […]

Death of the Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Laptop et al.

With the advent of Siri and sofware packages like Dragon Speak and Nuance for Mac’s, one cannot help noticing how antiquated the keyboard is. It’s almost completely redundant currently and it’s usefulness will only decline in the next couple of years. I imagine the future computers will be a pair of glasses that had wrap around lenses […]