Google Panda and the Capitalists

A search of Google now displays people capitalising on the Google Panda update by displaying services that many people assume will helping you in regaining your Google traffic that was lost when Google updated their algorithm. I love the tenacity of people that do these things, it’s not hard, but it’s smart. I don’t think it’s […] using Deceptive Subscription And Business Practices – Conclusion

I recently wrote about Match Dating and it’s alleged tomfoolery of using highly questionable business practices to keep automatically billing subscribers, the story broke when was featured on the BBC’s Watchdog program. Here is a link to the post I’m referring to. I also created a second post which simply showed people what number to use […]

Sky Broadband Connect Package Disgustingly Slow

Don’t complain and then do nothing about your Sky Broadband! Speak your Mind and Vote in our Survey and help towards getting a better deal.  ————->  CLICK HERE TO VOTE IN THE SURVEY – IT TAKES 1 SECOND! I’ve posted about Sky Broadband before and how terribly slow their broadband offering is. I’ve run several […]

How To Cancel your Dating Account – Instructions

It appears you can ONLY phone them here is the dating subscription cancellation telephone number: 0800 368 5856 (This 0800 is now invalid and dead!) UPDATED MATCH.COM CANCELLATION PHONE NUMBER:  MATCH.COM HAVE CHANGED THEIR CANCELLATION PHONE NUMBER TO FURTHER CONFUSE THE PROCESS OF CANCELLING YOUR MATCH.COM SUBSCRIPTION! MATCH.COM PHONE NUMBER FOR CANCELLING YOUR ACCOUNT: BEFORE you delete […] Hosting Review

Scoot is the worst hosting company and domain management service I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. If you’re considering them as a host for your website, don’t. The service and security is terrible. A bit of background to this review: I manage a customers website which is hosted with Scoot, unfortunately he was already signed up […]

Google Music Cloud Launches…

Google is launching their own music cloud called “Music Beta by Google”. The basic principal behind the service is so you can upload your own personal music to the Google Cloud. AKA Server farm and then listen to it from anywhere with a music connection. Is this the Death of the Ipod already? Now all […]

Apple Trumps Google as Worlds Most Valuable Brand – In the Worlds Most Pointless Research.

Another year and another pointless survey run by yet another company called WPP using a side “brand” called Brandz to conduct the “research”. They use big name companies to boost their own brand “equity” and revenue.  Google one year, Apple the next and possibly Facebook in a few years. Or perhaps Marlboro, Tesco, Mercedes Benz or even […]