Matt Cutts talking about content…

I created this video last year for a bit of fun, No offence intended Matt Cutts :) [ viagra on line order | usa generic viagra | viagra description | cheap generic viagra | viagra alternative and woman | cialis without prescription | buy viagra mexico | non prescription viagra canada | generic viagra online […]

Google Panda Update Thoughts….

I’m still not really seeing ANY sites reporting a Google Panda recovery…I’ve started making significant changes to some of my clients sites. A lot of them are very large sites, ranging from 100,000 pages to over a million pages. I continue to believe that my thesis is correct and hopefully my client’s sites will recover […]

Impersonation is uncool.

People impersonating me and my company for their own verboten gain…. I’ve had to create a website using a spare domain of mine called: SEO Company UK. These imposters are very uncouth. [ uk deals cheap viagra | viagra herb alternative | cialis prices | cheap link suggest viagra | oral viagra | popularity of viagra | […]

Google Panda Update (v2.0)

This is my rolling commentary on Google Panda and the recent algorithm update. In a previous blog post, I blogged about founding a trend and I still stand by that theory (for now). We’re starting to test and make some rather drastic changes to some sites in order to find a solution to the Panda update and […]

Sky Broadband is Slow and Rubbish

The title only tells a small part about my disappointment with Sky Broadband and my Sky Internet problems. My personal experience with the company has been utterly diabolical, not only have I experienced a huge Broadband speed issue but the company appear to have problems in other areas of their business too. The following article is a […]

Google Panda, et alia

If my analysis and theories about the latest Google algorithmic update are correct then sites like will never recover. Christopher Knight owns and his solution to the update was to “clean up his site” and improve the “quality” of the “articles” being submitted.  Right now, It’s going to make little or no difference and […]

Google Panda Recovery

Google panda recovery possibly? I don’t know yet, but I’m sure I’ve found enough of a trend to solve the issue. I’m certainly not going to go shouting about a Google Panda fix publicly, I am loyal to someone and am eternally grateful and would therefore never disclose that information in the public domain. However, if the […]

My Skype Account Has been Hacked…

Skype hacking, Skype account Hack, Skype Account Hacked… Personal Emergency. I run my business and am very dependant on a single VOIP company known as Skype. Alas, many of my friends, clients and employees around the world are also very reliant on Skype. When it becomes unavailable, day turns to night and a strange and […]

A Recent Job Application Received…

Not many people like people that live off the good hard-working tax paying folk, especially myself. I was so struck by this recent application that came in, I’ve decided to blog expose what one of these lazy-layabouts thinks about work and being a decent person. I would’ve posted the entire CV but I’m sure there […]