MeetDomainers Conference

MeetDomainers is a premium conference aimed at top domain investors and top SEO experts from all over the world. Speaking at the conference will be some of the industries most revered and respected entrepreneurs. It’ll be a great opportunity to network and maybe do a big deal or two ;) These include: Lesley Cowley, CEO, […]

STFU Ferrari

Ferrari are such a whining bunch of people, it’s astonishing. The way they have gone on about being disadvantaged by the safety car this weekend is truly terrible. Hamilton made a marginal decision by overtaking the safety car and because it was MARGINAL they took a while to punish him and therefore the penalty was […]

I frequently am plagued with low quality SEO enquiries by shall we say, people that lack common sense and maybe intelligence. Take this one from today: (Have transcribed telephone call) Potential Non client: Hi, I’d like you to take my two property websites, optimise them and make them rank good and stuff. Me: (alright know […]

Effing Hate Joomla

Joomla! Unnecessary awkward and complex CMS system that should be put to ground, I mean why oh why would you choose it as your platform from which to work? You’re making a rod for your own back, trust me. Takes hours to recode things which should take 30 seconds. [ generic viagra canada | viagra […]

How We Roll In Social Media Land

Brent Csutoras is a well known Social Media Marketer and sent me an email the other day saying he knew a couple of guys who offered a neat service. I asked Brent to send me more detail and this is the resulting email conversation, with a “reply all” function so everyone can see what’s being […]

How to Fail at Advertising

I subscribe to Wired magazine, I think it’s the most amazing piece of literature ever produced ever ever. That doesn’t say much for me and my depth of knowledge, but seriously, it is amazing and it’s a very “boyzy” magazine. It’s filled with science, gadgets, business, technology, entrepreneurship and basically everything else that I like. […]