SEO Blogs: It’s all in the name

I’ve noticed that there are some cool SEO blog names out there, some of bloggers I know personally, others I don’t. However, as the space gets more and more competitive, people try to be a little different to stand out from the crowd. Some of my favourites: 1. – Claims to be an SEO […]

Jonathan Legard – Best No Value Commentator

I don’t mean to come across as cynical or bitter, but the BBC needs to know that Jonathan Legard is a terrible commentator and offers no value to F1 in general. He has zero understanding of the sport and his commentary is boring and pointless, actually extremely irritating and annoying as he seems to be […]

The Metamorphosis of Print Newspapers

Who would want to own an established newspaper right now? Hands up please. Nobody? Thought so. With the ever decreasing value of news due to the internet newspapers as we all know are in serious trouble and I strongly doubt any of them will make it long-term without making substantial changes to their business models. […]

User Generated Content Rules

For someone that vaguely understands how search engines work, one aspect that really gets my blood pumping is user generated content (UGC), it’s terribly exciting from a webmasters perspective, if you can avoid having your site spammed to death. Google and and other major search engines love to gobble up content, their proverbial bellies always hungry for more perceived good quality writing to index […]