SEO Will Make You Rich

Hands up if you’re tired of people droning on about how SEO is dying and in a few years there won’t be a need for it anymore. The fact is, unless the world ends, SEO will never die.  However, SEO is getting and will become almost impossible for the majority of people. Google’s algorithm is […]

Google Flies the Rainbow Flag

A potential client approached me wanting to promote his gay marriage website, I searched on Google for “gay marriage” and was surprised to see that Google is experimenting with its pages. See image below.   [ viagra next day delivery | non pescription cialis | generic viagra canada | cialis for woman | buy viagra […]


This is where it all starts for PingPongPie dot com. My name is Christopher Angus and I’m a SEO and Social Media Marketer.  My specialty is in competitive SEO, especially in the finance industry. Type any finance-related search into and more often than not I’ll have a site in the top ten results. I’ve also got interests in the […]