Social Media – The Super Bubble

I’ve been planning an article on Social Media and its failings for sometime. In this post I will point out out some super obvious signals as to why Social Media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and we’re heading to an almighty “pop”, which will be even bigger than the 1990’s dot-com crash. Two […]

User Generated Content Rules

For someone that vaguely understands how search engines work, one aspect that really gets my blood pumping is user generated content (UGC), it’s terribly exciting from a webmasters perspective, if you can avoid having your site spammed to death. Google and and other major search engines love to gobble up content, their proverbial bellies always hungry for more perceived good quality writing to index […]

Understanding The Main Social Networks

I’ve written this post as many people don’t really understand in great detail as to how each social network works. This post should hopefully give you some insight into how many votes you need to make the “popular” page of a network, how much traffic to expect, and what the result of negative votes are […]

Quality Content is Not Enough

Want success on the social networks? Everyone tells you to write compelling, quality pieces that will appear to like-minded social users. “Digg Bait” is writing so that it appeals exactly to the “Digg mind” and by doing that you will have massive success on the social networks, including Digg. This statement is only about half […]