Dishonest Taxi Drivers in Oxford

Recently, I’ve almost not had a day go by where a taxi driver doesn’t attempt to rip me off in my home town of Oxford, here in the UK. Just a couple of days ago during a short shopping trip to Oxford city I stopped a black Hackney cab and asked him to take me home which […]

BT Broadband – 40 Telephone Calls – 3 Engineer Visits – No Solution

BT Broadband, while the service levels seem to be good, the results are as useful as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse. Really crap. 3 days waiting for an engineer, 3 visits, one engineer several hours late. 30 – 40 telephone calls. No solution to my unreliable BT broadband that’s been dropping the line intermittently since I moved […]

UK Politics Akin to Middle Eastern Dictatorship

For a while this week, I thought we maybe in Manama Souq,  Tehran or Cairo with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or some other Dictator  Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa in an less than appealing country or Kingdom. Instead of the UK. If you’re enraged or wondering why I’m willing to make such a libellous or strong statement as such, here is my reason: David Cameron, Prime […]

And Twitter Starts to Fall…

I’ve never completely “got” Twitter; it’s always felt unnatural in terms of communication to me – like Skateboarding, but with your other foot forward. It’s manageable, but awkward. It’s no surprise that Twitters traffic is starting to level and even decline,  to me at least. What is surprising though is how quickly it’s changed from a […] moronic spammers

I really hate companies that spam you and then don’t remove you from their lists… Continuously. While I feel every legitimate company should have a chance to email once, they need to respect opt-out requests. This email marketing  spam company allege to sell “double opt in” email lists refuses to stop spamming me – even after repeated requests to remove me […]