How We Roll In Social Media Land

Brent Csutoras is a well known Social Media Marketer and sent me an email the other day saying he knew a couple of guys who offered a neat service. I asked Brent to send me more detail and this is the resulting email conversation, with a “reply all” function so everyone can see what’s being […]

How to Fail at Advertising

I subscribe to Wired magazine, I think it’s the most amazing piece of literature ever produced ever ever. That doesn’t say much for me and my depth of knowledge, but seriously, it is amazing and it’s a very “boyzy” magazine. It’s filled with science, gadgets, business, technology, entrepreneurship and basically everything else that I like. […]

SEO Blogs: It’s all in the name

I’ve noticed that there are some cool SEO blog names out there, some of bloggers I know personally, others I don’t. However, as the space gets more and more competitive, people try to be a little different to stand out from the crowd. Some of my favourites: 1. – Claims to be an SEO […]

Jonathan Legard – Best No Value Commentator

I don’t mean to come across as cynical or bitter, but the BBC needs to know that Jonathan Legard is a terrible commentator and offers no value to F1 in general. He has zero understanding of the sport and his commentary is boring and pointless, actually extremely irritating and annoying as he seems to be […]