Google’s Mysterious Indexing

I have spoken in the past about how Google’s best spam weapon was it’s indexing intelligence. However, I do believe that Google does miss out on good quality content due to it’s over zealous “this might be spam, I’m not going to index this” filter. Whilst browsing around the Google webmaster help forums I found […]

Social Media with a Twist of Business

Social Media is still relatively new and not understood very well and being successful is still something of a “dark art”. I think a lot of “social media experts” consider themselves a kind of artist. They write or build something pretty creative (if it’s going to be successful) and then promote it. If they get […]

Mauve Hat SEO

We had a conversation in the office on how to get certain widgets, gadgets or any other “viral material” viral. We discussed various explosive techniques which would ensure that the project would be a roaring success and would get a gargantuan amount of media attention. We decided to call it “Mauve Hat SEO” – now […]