Whinge Post: Why Does Google Penalize Sites that Get Updated?

There is something that has been bugging me for a while, Google penalizes sites that change more than a little at once. It’s hugely frustrating to see your site disappear for months just for updating or adding content. This could be just one page that gets totally changed or an entire site for changing the homepage or […]

Google Rankings Highly Unstable

I’ve noticed recently that Google’s rankings are particularly unstable. This has happened before. Previously the rankings went through a period of changing up to twenty times in a single day. Alas, this volatile period seems to have returned with even more fury. We’re seeing some of our sites on the first page and then another search shows […]

10 Google Easter Eggs

An Easter Egg is best described as a message or feature which is hidden in a piece of software, be it a DVD, CD, program, or video game. Below I’ve listed 10 Google-related Easter Eggs in no particular order, they are: 1. It’s been fixed now, but it used to be possible to ask Google […]