Mauve Hat SEO

We had a conversation in the office on how to get certain widgets, gadgets or any other “viral material” viral. We discussed various explosive techniques which would ensure that the project would be a roaring success and would get a gargantuan amount of media attention. We decided to call it “Mauve Hat SEO” – now […]

SEO Will Make You Rich

Hands up if you’re tired of people droning on about how SEO is dying and in a few years there won’t be a need for it anymore. The fact is, unless the world ends, SEO will never die.  However, SEO is getting and will become almost impossible for the majority of people. Google’s algorithm is […]


This is where it all starts for PingPongPie dot com. My name is Christopher Angus and I’m a SEO and Social Media Marketer.  My specialty is in competitive SEO, especially in the finance industry. Type any finance-related search into and more often than not I’ll have a site in the top ten results. I’ve also got interests in the […]